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Joint traits for both genders are mischievous, wild, wisdom, wit, impetuousness, rebellious, self-pitying, cowardice, intimacy (hug, pat), patience, sensitivity, order, and cleanliness.
By the time you read this I will have been up to the allotments and sneakily removed the damning evidence of my impetuousness from the prying eyes of our neighbours.
With an owner aged 26, Leckhampton convenience store could either be in the hands of the young entrepreneur of the year, or the grip of the foolish impetuousness of youth.
Although the context and delivery of each utterance is significantly altered, the repeated moment prefigures and implies the moment of eternal return, where the cycle is doomed to perpetuate due to the impetuousness, and simplicity, of the men involved.
An impetuous man, Julius achieved wealth and glory because the circumstances of his age called for boldness: "Julius led with an impetuousness lacking in more prudent men.
Moreover, Hurst concedes that what some admire as decisiveness can seem to others like shoot-from-the-hip impetuousness.
Leonard is forced to make an impossible decision -- between the impetuousness of desire and the comfort of love -- or risk falling back into the darkness that nearly killed him.
This kind of impetuousness is reminiscent of Joukahainen's disregard for old wisdom, though not nearly as malicious.
James Urry, an expert in Russian Mennonite history, acknowledges the profound influence of Rempel upon his own study and interpretation of Mennonite history: "[Rempel] humoured me, chided me for youthful impetuousness, forgave my impertinence, and gently guided me towards a richer and fuller understanding of Russian history and Mennonite life" (Journal of Mennonite Studies 11, 1993).
One way is through distractions brought on by impetuousness.
It should follow a democratic, social and national path that shuns chaos and political elimination and stands immune against impetuousness and adventurous decisions.
Given France's impetuousness in wanting to reopen ties with Syria after the Doha agreement; given that neither Italy nor Spain, two other key members of UNIFIL, is likely to stand firm if the bombings begin in earnest; and given that ongoing Syrian-Israeli talks will considerably lower international incentive to punish Damascus for whatever goes wrong in the border area, this may prove quite easy.