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If you are successful in showing to us that the interpretation of the nine- judge giving primacy to the CJI is wrong, you still don't succeed unless you succeed in showing that the present ( NJAC) system does not undermine or impinge upon the independence of judiciary", a five- judge bench headed by Justice J S Khehar said.
The New Testament writers capture a sense of the multiplicity and omnipresence of these powers, which impinge on human life from every conceivable angle.
Applied by a high-pressure, impinge mix C-Spray reaction injection molding (RIM) gun and metering/tempering unit, the skin replaces the vinyl vacuum-forming or upholstering processes associated with these types of parts.
In the long run, how does America's heavy foreign borrowing impinge on the size of its manufacturing sector?
Daily, CalCPA's government relations team monitors our state Legislature, not to mention the California Board of Accountancy and other regulatory agencies that impinge on what you do and how you do it.
Additionally, the court asserted that "the presence of a religious symbol on once-public land that has been transferred into private hands may still" impinge upon the First Amendment principle of church-state separation.
Is there such a sense of professionalism now that nothing can impinge on his desire to do the best for his country?
The Royals were keen to have the game put back to last night because racing at the nearby Navan racecourse this afternoon is expected to impinge on gate receipts.
Ambitious historical surveys inevitably risk distorting and/or romanticizing the past, and the effects of that distortion impinge on our sense of present possibilities.
But the prospect of a celebrity-studded affair didn't impinge on Shirley's fashion sense.
The ingate should be placed in such a way that the incoming stream does not impinge directly onto the thin core section, otherwise the core could fracture.
But as humans impinge on their habitats, many specialist mammals are increasingly under threat and can't adapt quickly enough to change.