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From its opening words, "Dear Osama," to its cataclysmic, surreal conclusion, listeners find themselves immersed in a gut-wrenching world torn by anxiety and hate, not so very different from our own, a world whose ubiquitous terrors impinge upon even the best of our moments, distorting our realities along with our essential humanity.
Theirs is a strategy of admirable understatement that does not attempt to compete with or physically impinge upon the impressive medieval interior.
In a statement today, Mr Hughes said: "I believe that people have a right to a private life, providing that their private life does not impinge upon their public responsibilities.
Such a distinction is unfair in Canada's multicultural society and would impinge upon the freedom of religion that is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Additionally, the court asserted that "the presence of a religious symbol on once-public land that has been transferred into private hands may still" impinge upon the First Amendment principle of church-state separation.
Though seemingly unobjectionable, this provides a new workload for agencies that could impinge upon their other duties.
That is why major league scouts try to find a spot in the stands away from anything that can impinge upon his objectivity in evaluating the players.
The anachronisms that appear in early works here become a central motif as West suggests that all human events, wherever they occur in time, impinge upon one another and define what it means to be human.
Tooley identifies the factors that impede or facilitate the development of the private education sector in various countries, focusing on the regulatory regimes that may impinge upon private education.
To adequately understand a single behavior, one must consider all the people involved, the groups of which they are part, the institutions that shape those groups, the cultural setting, and the prevailing attitudes and sustaining beliefs that impinge upon that setting.
He or she is aware of the multiple pressures that may potentially impinge upon the maintenance of one's integrity, and is further aware of the ubiquitous presence of ethical dilemmas faced by leaders in daily business life, and takes the time to reflect upon these dilemmas.
These electrons impinge upon a fluorescent screen, where they form a characteristic diffraction pattern of isolated points of intensity.