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Conventional irrigators release fluid at the nostril, where it impinges against the narrow nasal valve region.
Melt impinges on the needle from two opposed channels, eliminating any side loading.
His investigations are not in quest of a transcendent essence but are revelations of process and everything that impinges upon its materialization in the viewer's space.
Scheduling of the abatement directly impinges upon the overall construction scheduling, and a plan should be developed wherein construction can continue in one area of the building while asbestos abatement is performed in another.
Since Greek learning impinges on so many aspect of Renaissance intellectual culture, it will be a much used reference.
On the other hand, the more the marketing program impinges on the foundry's survival power, the more strategic it becomes.
However, the feedback we have been given is that the larger exchanges have increased their regulatory approach to the extent that it is inappropriate and impinges on the fund managers' ability to effectively carry out their investment strategy.
He also said the state statute illegally impinges on the city's rights to set up conditions for city employment.
Each focal spot impinges on a bundle of nerves that feeds into a larger nerve cord, the researchers observed by microscopy.
In the austere design of a museum, created within the walls of a palatial nineteenth-century building, the new impinges lightly upon the old.