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It reports the results of heat transfer and flow visualization which are performed to investigate and compare the heat transfer performance for the swirling jet on the surface with those of a straight impinging jet having the same diameter at the same conditions.
Among the main advantages of impinging stream systems including liquid-solid phases, mention can be made of increase in the relative velocity between solid particles and liquid phase, increase in the residence time of the particles due to the fluctuation of particles in the continuous phase, improvement of the effective area for mass and heat transfer phenomena, and the maximum light attraction due to the dispersion of slurry within the reactor," Seyed Javid Royaee, one of the researchers at Amir Kabir University of Technology, told INIC.
An experimental analysis has been performed from confined impinging jets by Guerra et al.
The method features a liquid sheet that falls freely before impinging onto the moving paper web to be coated.
First, the impinging light's oscillating electric field excites the tubes only when the oscillations are aligned with the tubes.
Engelhard Corporation has received a patent for a hybrid inorganic/organic color effect material that is comprised of a platelet-shaped substrate encapsulated with a first layer highly reflective to light directed thereon selected from the group consisting of an alloy of copper and zinc, an alloy of aluminum and copper, an alloy of aluminum and zinc, copper and zinc; a visibly transparent second organic layer encapsulating the first layer and providing a variable path-length for light dependent on the angle of incidence of light impinging thereon; and a selectively transparent third layer to light directed thereon.
It is completely impinging on the private treatment,'' he said.
The courteous person is at pains to keep his, or her, own difficulties from impinging on the well-being or peace of another.
A doctoral thesis under Hans Bleich at Columbia University presented the first analytic solution to the problem of a shock wave impinging on a floating structure, which serves as a necessary first benchmark for software developers to test the accuracy of their implementation of the fluid-structure interaction of shock waves with floating structures.
On the other hand, National Ballet lawyer David Cowling said the judicial review was necessary because Albertyn had overstepped his bounds by impinging on the rights of an artistic director.
Sometimes back pain originates from herniated or bulging spinal discs impinging on nerves.
With the outdoor industry ringing up $15 billion in sales last year, economics are increasingly impinging on the wilderness ideal.