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Now, these new approaches are impinging upon Lope de Vega's theater as new studies reveal that Spanish theater "no less than the English was a potential arena for subversion -- moral, religious, political.
If we respond, in appropriately creative ways, to the historical and ecological forces now impinging upon us on all sides, there is a possibility -- though no certainty -- that a niche for humankind, better fitted to the wider ecological order on earth than our present niche, may be brought into being.
If by impinging upon the building in this most minimal way, Fosters have enhanced the drama of scale and texture, the Centre's exhibition organisers have responded to the spaces in a somewhat surreal manner.
In other words, the design of Sundquist's project, limned in the architecture of its subject novel, resembles a field of force(s), multi-vocal, multi-directional, impinging upon the text eclectically, locally random it may seem, but eventually coming together in a formation of writing that Sundquist terms "the novel of segregation par excellence.
Not a fish-culture manual, this new book is actually a handbook for the manager of a fish farm that gives guidance for the physical, biological, and human resources utilized by or impinging upon fish farms.
That was believed to be in danger of impinging upon the president's planned visit to the Soviet Union.
This provides a depository for all information related to and impinging upon upfront CFD.