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Founded on Etsy, Impish Lee will pivot into mass customization with an easy-to-use design tool that enables customer visualization of the end product.
Packages featured an impish little boy called Mischief who became the company's trademark
Handsome, clean-cut and with an impish sense of humour, he's the pin-up of the Meteorological Office.
Barcelona's impish Argentine once again finished well ahead of Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo in the voting, with Barca team-mate Andres Iniesta coming in a distant finished third.
John O'Shea gives his verdict on the Gunners without RVP alongside impish new boy Santi Cazorla
To think outside the box is not necessarily to go there: his impish, always-lively oeuvre consists of printed pages.
He was wonderful and had an impish sense of humour.
He flashed an impish grin and gave very complete directions.
One of the founding fathers of Caldmore Housing, Barrie Blower, said: "George was a gregarious, fun loving, outward going individual with an impish sense of humour.
IMPISH comedian Lucy Porter brings her 2009 critically acclaimed Edinburgh show 'Fool's Gold' to Huddersfield next week.
The impish blonde performed the majority of tracks from the new album but also sang vocals on older singles including Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control), classic My Friend and bluesy Easy.
In a statement, they said: "Katie-Jo was a lively and impish girl and wonderful daughter who was loved by everyone.