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His underlying trademark logic is one of inspired impishness.
Kelly's beautiful energy, his smile, and his dancing, which defy time, and the childish impishness of his persona are for Demy a way of stating the eternal youth of musicals, a genre whose death had been predicted since the end of the 1950s.
It's difficult to say what works better, the impishness of a googly or the raw power of a bouncer, except to say that like in cricket there seems to be an upper limit to the number of bouncers.
To the figure of the noble swordsman he brings a wry impishness, a stunning self-assurance that nettles his foes and magnifies their inferiority.
The impishness the duo display in such jaunty tunes as 'Poison Ivy' and 'Yakety Yak' delighted listeners then and still do," Lehman continued.
The latest by little-known Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan is just one such example, managing to blend the heavyweight tunesmith's chops of Damien Rice, the chamber pop prowess of Andrew Bird, while adding a little of Badly Drawn Boy's early impishness into the mix.
That impishness expresses itself not merely in the well-crafted story and dialogues, but also in the cinematic language of the film.
There's an impishness about you that can also take hold.
Both his half-sinister impishness and his unaccountable understanding align Dickie Sludge with other Elementals, as does his link with the novel's various spaces: he flits freely and easily throughout the unreal mummery of Kenilworth, warning Wayland that he is determined by mysterious means to be "at the bottom of all your secrets, were they as deep and dark as the Castle dungeon" (261).
They just winked at the Israeli trashing of international law and convention as doting guardians would at the impishness of a naughty ward.
Although the diligent translator may strive to be accurate, the impishness of speech thwarts that ambition at every turn.
He has Johnny's generosity, his inner strength, his beauty, his impishness, his charisma, and his determination of spirit.