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In addition to performing integrity through physical and emotional implacability, the child's body also stages particular racialized values through scripted language.
But for a politician whose distinguishing characteristics until now have been his implacability, his steeliness and his irritating overuse of that awful word "prudence", a man who positively squirms when faced with anything remotely sentimental, this new touchy-feely Gordon has not only come as a bit of a shock, it doesn't ring true.
Further, American political leaders and generals need to cultivate a more low-key approach to diplomacy and warfare that reassures allies and convinces enemies of the implacability of American hostility.
14) </pre> <p>The metaphor established here implies that Scripture possesses the hard implacability and integrity of an uncut gem.
Indeed, one of the strong points of the book is her portrayal of the implacability of the terrorists (often by citing their own words and deeds) and her argument that they hate what America is even more than what it does; thus, negotiation and appeasement are not real options.
It is this "critical urgency," emanating from personal involvement, which accounts for the force and implacability of Achebe's attitude towards Heart of Darkness.
the rank sweet rich smell as if the hatred and the implacability, the thousand secret dark years which had created the hatred and implacability, had intensified the smell of the sugar .
He recognizes her as an anti-life force, the "feminine" complement of Father's arrogance and own implacability.
In Marlowe's hands, the alphabet is a litany of the kind favored by Renton: "sanctified by usage, but nevertheless immutable, alphabetical order is one of the most obvious enemies of chance," she writes, "Alphabetical order is the schoolchild's first lesson in the implacability of fate" (1999, 11).
Vengeance, vendetta, rancour, vindictiveness, implacability, ruthlessness, malevolence (that'senough vengeance --Ed).
First, martyrs point out the implacability of truth's demands, but in doing so, they pass judgment on those who do not act in the same fashion.
Duffy attempts to appropriate Sinico in precisely this way, miming an imperial masculinity without a corresponding implacability in achieving its libidinal goals.