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Parker, now 58, who lives in Arlington, VA, opted for a silicone implant.
And when she got her implant, it was like the world opened up and it was in Technicolor.
Thirty years ago, implant dentistry was in its infancy.
This research is being done in collaboration with the Research Triangle Institute, Duke University, and Rocky Mountain Cochlear Implant Center in Denver.
According to Schroeder, castings are the product of choice for implants with complex geometries in today's modern implant era.
Additionally, those who need to have an existing silicone gel-filled implant replaced for medical reasons, such as rupture of the implant, are also eligible.
and author of the book Science on Trial: The Clash of Medical Evidence and the Law in the Breast Implant Case.
Indeed, the case of the silicone gel breast implant argues persuasively that patients who receive such devices and payers who reimburse for them should insist that the burden of proof for establishing the safety and effectiveness of health care technologies liw with the manufacturers who market new devices and with the health practitioners who advocate and expose patients to new procedures.
DENVER -- Cochlear Americas today announced the recipients of the fifth annual Graeme Clark Cochlear Scholarship, an award that recognizes the remarkable achievements of Nucleus[R] cochlear implant recipients.
Since 1992, American women who wanted implant surgery had to get saline-filled implants.
Often, the location of the implant becomes infected or inflamed.
The incidence of electrode slippage in cochlear implants was described by Webb et al in their review of implant complications worldwide.