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Hu-Friedy describes the Implacare II scalers as made from PLASTEEL[TM] material--a high grade, unfilled resin, which is designed to cause the least amount of alteration to implant abutment surfaces during scaling and help reduce plaque accumulation.
Zirconia has been used as an orthopedic implant material for many years and lately has been emerging in dentistry in the form of orthodontic brackets, post and core systems, all-ceramic prosthetic restorations, implant abutments and more recently as a material for oral implants (74,75).
For research purposes, 3D form system elements were modeled: the interforaminal segment of an edentulous mandible (class V according to Cawood and Howell [18], cylinder segments of the peri-implant bone, 4 titanic dental implant abutments in the perpendicular position to the occlusal plane, 14-tooth solid bridge with perforations for fixation made of cobalt-chrome alloy, and 4 fixation screws made of cobalt-chrome alloy (Fig.