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He has completed advanced training in dental implant restoration and has been certified through Nobel Biocare, and he is an animal dentistry volunteer at the Wildlife Way Station.
Delcam has launched the 2015 release of its DentMILL software for the milling of dental implant restorations with a series of enhancements to save time and reduce the chance of programming errors.
There is also an article exploring how CAD/CAM technology can help improve implant restorations, as well as oral health and dental esthetics.
Several studies have indicated that fixation screw loosening is a most common mechanical complication of multiple tooth implant restorations [6], because it's the weakest element in implant-abutment-crown construction [7].
Zirconia abutments provide new opportunities for implant restorations and offer sufficient stability to support implant retained reconstructions especially in incisors and premolar locations.
Using images and color photos for illustration, periodontists and surgeons from the US, Europe, and Israel address principles of bone biology and regeneration, bone anatomy, treatment philosophy, decision making, diagnosis and treatment planning for bone grafting, implant site development and preparation, implant interactions in orthodontics, guided bone regeneration, intraoral bone grafts, bone grafting in large bone defects and extreme atrophy situations, sinus elevation, distraction osteogenesis, immediate implant placement, soft tissue augmentation and enhancement, soft tissue development with provisional and definitive implant restorations, and bioengineering concepts.
The new system will enhance the department's capacity in producing different types of dental restorations for the patients by using a robotic technology in making crowns, veneers, inlays, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations and orthodontic appliances, among others.
ATLANTIS[TM] abutments help to expand the possibilities for cement-retained implant restorations and are available for all major implant systems and in titanium, gold-shaded titanium and five shades of zirconia, including a translucent white zirconia available for their single-tooth, screw-retained ATLANTIS[TM] Crown Abutment.
Delcam has launched the 2014 R2 release of its DentMILL software for the milling of dental implant restorations.