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Cross section of each implant site with the implant was cut and processed for resin embedding.
It also includes descriptions of piezosurgery techniques, its advantages over traditional techniques and instruments, and introduces a new technique for ultrasonic implant site preparation and orthodontic microsurgery.
Using an impression of the dental implant site and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, the abutment is milled to precisely match the depth, angle, and orientation of the implant.
Soon after implant surgery the patient developed a bacterial infection at the implant site, requiring ulterior implant removal and treatment.
In rodents DU was shown to migrate from the implant site to bone, kidney, muscle, and liver tissue; to alter the hippocampus; to cross the placental barrier; and to enter fetal tissue.
Data was used to create virtual models of the soft head tissue, the healthy ear and the bone structure at the implant site.
Polymeric nitric oxide release represents a unique strategy, particularly since nitric oxide has a short half-life in blood -- just a few seconds -- and thus would only have an effect on areas near the implant site where it is needed most.
Nearly a third of the original 155 patients had complications requiring surgical intervention to adjust the device, most often pain at the neurostimulator site or implant site.
In some cases, one or more of the capsules have migrated from the original implant site, making retrieval extremely difficult.
The Nanostim approach is designed to improve patient comfort by giving the physician a simplified, less-invasive option, permitting implantation as an outpatient, eliminating the visible lump and scar at a conventional pacemaker's pectoral implant site, and removing the need for activity restrictions to prevent dislodgement after implantation of a conventional lead.
Infection at the implant site may occur and could require use of antibiotic medications, surgery, or explant.
Using images and color photos for illustration, periodontists and surgeons from the US, Europe, and Israel address principles of bone biology and regeneration, bone anatomy, treatment philosophy, decision making, diagnosis and treatment planning for bone grafting, implant site development and preparation, implant interactions in orthodontics, guided bone regeneration, intraoral bone grafts, bone grafting in large bone defects and extreme atrophy situations, sinus elevation, distraction osteogenesis, immediate implant placement, soft tissue augmentation and enhancement, soft tissue development with provisional and definitive implant restorations, and bioengineering concepts.