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Posterior chamber foldable intraocular monolithic aspherical lenses with cartridges or disposable injectors for implantation.
After stent implantation, high-pressure dilatation was routinely performed, including final kissing balloon dilatation after distal LMCA bifurcation stenting.
The choice of the puncture site for fiducial marker implantation was based on the location of the hepatic tumor and the discretion of the operator.
The mean patient age at initial implantation was 50 years, and the subjects were followed for a mean of 23 months after initial implantation and 24 months after subsequent implantation.
To do this accurately, we had to use the births from the litters for which we had implantation data.
Yet no one has studied the tissue characteristics (histology) of the endometrium at the time of implantation in women using OCs.
Known as ion implantation, the treatment is a bombardment process in which the near-surface of a metal is drastically modified by energetic ions (charged atoms).
Ion implantation - and its cousin, ion beam mixing - are significantly different.
2002) reported a higher number of implantation sites than the number of litter size recordings (e.
The most common complications of cochlear implantation are flap necrosis, compressed or improperly placed electrodes, and facial nerve injury, paresis, or stimulation.

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