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Thin-layer Deposition: CVD, Ion Implantation and Epitaxy http://www.
After initial implantation, 31% of women experienced at least one adverse event, ranging from delayed wound healing to severe capsular contraction.
Herbicide effects on embryo implantation and litter size.
13] Thinness of the endometrium is related to its functional receptivity, and when it becomes too thin, implantation does not occur.
No dimensional change or distortion accompanies ion implantation, because the processing temperature is typically less than 300 [degrees] F (150 [degrees] C).
For the rest of our discussion we will assume nitrogen is the implantation media that will be used and the substrate will be steel.
Although the test data were tabulated according to season and a seasonal influence on test outcome was noted, the data were merged for all cases where implantation data existed [Figure 2 (Cavieres et al.
Since 1988, several reviews [1-4] of complications associated with cochlear implantation have been published, including a comprehensive report by Hoffman and Cohen in l995.
Scientists have no clear understanding of how the egg implants in the uterine wall or beta-3's function in that process, though Lessey believes the protein is indeed involved in implantation.
Given our encouraging preliminary observation with implantation into the lumbar region, this approach complements the original protocol for control of pain below the mid-chest region.
Using an ion implantation device, the researchers shoot an accelerated stream of metal ions back and forth across a surface.

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