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Cochlear implants are small devices that are surgically embedded under the skin behind the ear.
Last year, institute doctors performed 93 implants on adults and 64 on children, some as young as 1 year old.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limited silicone-gel implants to controlled clinical studies involving cases of mastectomy, replacement of ruptured silicone implants or correction of congenital deformities.
Now we spend millions to induce it, with surgery and pills, shots and implants.
The case of silicone gel breast implants points to the need for patients themselves to demand such data prospectively.
Each year we are amazed at the quality of the entries we receive for the Graeme Clark Scholarship--there are so many young people with cochlear implants who are excelling academically and making a significant impact on the world around them," said Chris Smith, president, Cochlear Americas.
Still, she asserts that there is no reason to believe implants cause the disease.
To enroll in an adjunct clinical study of silicone gel-filled breast implants, a woman must meet the previously mentioned criteria of medical need.
Although Bionic fantasies of the 1970s still are a ways from reality, medical industry forecasts show that many of our futures will be supported by cast implants.
The research findings will be applied to the design of Cechlear's future generations of cochlear implants.