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Hence, we urge the Standing Committee to recommend that the Department of Finance expeditiously negotiate and implement a new protocol with the United States that eliminates withholding taxes on all dividends and interest for payments to both related and unrelated parties.
Siegel (2005) states that the willingness of teachers to implement cooperative learning is dependent upon teacher experience and knowledge, congruence between teacher philosophy and instructional methods, and teacher ownership of innovation.
Second, they could implement the recruiting and hiring practices of a private entity, which can attract and hire talent much more rapidly than their government counterparts.
As discussed, replication used to be very expensive with limited options available to those trying to implement a solution.
This change implements Sections 721 and 841 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 and enables the award of contracts for specialized services that would be impractical for DoD to obtain by other means.
Companies executing online marketing campaigns must implement controls over a variety of aspects, from identifying the appropriate target audience in their databases to complying with regulatory requirements such as subject-line guidelines and related statements in the body of an e-mail message, to ensuring that tracking systems used to monitor the campaign are in line with the company's privacy policy and regulatory requirements and effectively implementing consumer requests for exclusion from future messages.
As part of the company's next storage project, Nielsen will implement EMC SnapView(TM) local replication software to increase backup performance through the creation of multiple concurrent copies of Sybase databases.
Businesses can take advantage of shared services to create a standard global chart of accounts, implement standard global processes and offer centrally controlled procurement.
One of the major impediments to planning and implementing group counseling is that the academic culture and climate of high schools often runs counter to the type of environment necessary to implement group counseling (Bowman, 1987; Schmidt, 1999).
Unless Eastin's choice is the ITBS, the district will be obligated to purchase and implement the new designated exam.
The three basic factors that determine how far an implement will travel are: (1) the optimization of the speed of the implementation at release, the angle of the release, and the height of the implement at release.