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To test their hypothesis, the researchers conducted studies that examined how environmental cues activate the implemental mindset, both behaviourally and cognitively.
Owner-breeder Satish Sanan, who was implemental in creating the Task Force, felt it had been insufficiently handled.
You want a high probability of success and a high return, whether that's in cost savings or implemental revenue.
Still, many critics of White acknowledge that parts of the Bible may have helped create a functional and implemental view of nature among Jews and Christians.
The particular association (activity and sensation-seeking) could perhaps reflect a greater tendency to adopt an implemental rather than deliberative mindset (Gollwitzer & Kinney, 1989), thus increasing susceptibility to situational factors associated with illusion of control.
The implemental business could not be gotten by one of us without the other.
Recognizing the critical role such technologies can play in automating routine activities and increasing supply chain visibility and integration, the PSCM Team began, as part of its initial activities, to become further educated in the field of e-business and develop examples of practical and implemental e-business strategies.
Formal mechanisms for interdepartmental coordination below cabinet level include the interdepartmentation European Coordination Committee at the assistant secretary level, chaired by a minister of state at the Department of the Taioseach; a Central Review Committee, which oversees the implemental of agreements with the social partners on economic and social policy; and many ad hoc committees and working groups of officials of various departments.
CEOs and other members of the executive suite need to take a hard look at their existing organization and culture, ask tough questions about its appropriateness for the current competitive environment, and take concrete, implemental steps to forge a preferred culture and drive it downward throughout the entire organization.
These implemental the cross-references in the patents, and we also had various forms of indices; the real diagram was about the size of a large blueprint, as I remember, and hard to navigate on paper and on-line.