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Due to the recycling success of the JCEL project, a 377,000-square-foot-building complex implemented this recycling program.
Eighty percent of these owners (versus 60% of owners overall) have implemented energy efficiency designs in the past year.
Remote replication can be implemented from the production site to one or more remote sites across a campus, across town, across a state or across the country.
These groups were planned and implemented based on the developmental maturity of high school students and the constraints of a high school schedule.
Letters of Intent are used on an exceptional basis to authorize expenditures for a relatively small portion of a major Letter of Acceptance (LOA), which has not yet been implemented.
If passed, a single test will be implemented in California to measure the academic achievement of the state's 4.
7) If COPPS is to be implemented successfully, mid-level managers must provide administrative support and remove any barriers that first-line supervisors may confront.
This project was tested during 1991, and the changes to the letters and the new procedures were implemented nationwide in early 1992.
Hurwitz & Associates is a consulting, research and analyst firm that focuses on the customer benefits derived when advanced and emerging software technologies are implemented to solve pragmatic business problems.
Often research about classrooms and schools is implemented by researchers outside of K-12 settings.
The revolutionary acquisition approach implemented many acquisition methodologies that have proven critical to the success of a net-centric enterprise: for example, architecture design, integration framework, universal modeling language (UML), standards-based acquisition, lean development, agile acquisition, and metadata management.
She wants to make sure those who issue the standards understand the real-world business and industry context in which they will be implemented.

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