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For each analogy, the relevance to the wholeness and the implicate order model [2] is described.
The principles of homeodynamics can be considered as the laws describing activity at the level of the implicate order as it relates to persons and their environments.
They (Congress) did a somersault here and started a new FIR with so-called Hindu terror and the whole objective was to somehow implicate Mohan Bhagwat because he is the head of the largest voluntary organisation of the world, and it is the backbone of the BJP, as far as workers are concerned.
De Lima said she would not be surprised if the administration, led by the Office of the Solicitor General, had given the orders to implicate her for alleged extortion.
Although the connection between myelin basic protein and the MS-like disease in mice was clear, researchers were unable to implicate the protein and the immune system in the development of human MS.
A number of pseudooutbreaks have been reported that implicate contaminated ice machines.
And in rapid-fire questioning before the witness could answer, Heuer asked if it was not Hale's goal to raise the stakes and implicate top officials so that Casey would be removed from the investigation and an independent counsel appointed.
The new study is the first to implicate nitrous oxide in amounts commonly received by dental workers and to suggest how the gas sabotages the hormonal cycle.
Earlier statement implicates congressman and two officials
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 January 2004-Former financial officer of Parmalat implicates Tetra Pak in scandal(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The former implicates tax policy--the proper mix of various types of levies on various types of taxpayers.