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According to Dawn News, he said that Russia would examine the Syrian materials implicating the rebels with the utmost seriousness.
In implicating our responses this way, Bambara marries physical response to textual information--a feat that transforms an encounter with the book from readerly task to somatic experience.
The defendants made statements implicating one another,'' Modder said.
All factory workers were included in analyses implicating a specific date of eating at the cafeteria.
A study conducted in Africa adds to evidence implicating breast milk as the culprit in some cases of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
Kamil Ali Agha revealing Maaliks court statement said that there has been a systematic campaign of slander and false allegations which are aimed at wrongly implicating Moonis Elahi in the NICL case.
Under stiff defense questioning, the chief prosecution witness in the Whitewater-related loan fraud trial here denied Friday that his reason for implicating President Clinton and seeking the help of political conservatives was to get a better plea bargain on the indictments he faced.