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Li, Fuzzy Boolean and positive implicative filters of BL-algebras, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 152(2005) 333 - 348.
Then F is a positive implicative filter if and only if (x' [right arrow] x) [right arrow] x [member of] F for any x [member of] L.
On this basis, only the verb kill can be appropriately claimed to be an implicative action verb since it is made up of two subevents, namely, an agent's action and a resulting state.
Quant a la reference implicative, cette posture methodologique suppose que, tout au long de sa presence sur le terrain et des rencontres, la chercheuse occupera l'espace a un niveau interpersonnel et a un niveau intra-personnel.
Although their point of view is critically important, it may be that the perceptions of other stakeholder groups are equally implicative for performance.
Black described an interanimation of words within metaphors which he called an implicative complex.
and the implicative burglary itself was carried out in an effort to link Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern's campaign team to what Nixon and his henchmen saw as the deranged bombers of V.
However, his claim that "the only viable choice lies in the selection of inflectional endings for this purpose" (1998: 124) does not seem very clear--unless he takes for granted the existence of implicative relations on which paradigms are based -- since the widespread extension of a few individual inflectional markers (the so-called 'superstable markers', e.
This is the case of economic and legal theory, regarding the ownership of land with implicative infrastructure to build social welfare institutions oflslam.
That is, there is a high degree of "semantic" integration between matrix verb and the complement when the complement is implicative.
Proprietary bioinformatic algorithms for clustering, statistical experiment design and correlative and implicative analysis of results enhance gene discovery.
Baird, decided at about the same time and involving constitutional rights implicative of familial relationships,(426) represent a new view of family - a view concerned with the constitutional rights of family members as separate individuals rather than as parts of a larger, holistic social unit.