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De toutes les facons, l'Algerie debourse plus de 65 milliards de dollars dans les implorations dont 10 milliards uniquement pour les produits alimentaires [beaucoup plus grand que], fait savoir le conferencier.
Zada really enjoys himself and refuses to go home, in spite of Nick's implorations.
Durant cette nuit, Dieu exauce les implorations de ses serviteurs.
PERMANENT Secretary of the Defence Ministry Petros Kareklas yesterday dismissed the implorations of some parents to get their sons out of the army as "exaggerations", reassuring them that conditions in the army had improved "beyond recognition".
Other sources of such information, she notes, are various newspapers in their editorials, magazines and implorations from the medical profession itself ("be sure to get your shots
The seeker of health and well-being will have to assume the burden of an inquiring mind, depend less upon headline news and the implorations of the dispensers of wild claims, and spend more time and energy in personal investigation.
His implorations to his mother about the forced rearrangement of his identity serve as the play's introduction: "?
In a food-oriented society such as ours, we are constantly bombarded by advertising that is relentless in its implorations to eat and nibble.
In Africa, many neighboring countries that house sizable Southern Sudanese population--Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt, to mention but just a few--have received sustained implorations to better abstain themselves from the registration process.