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And verily, many a chance came imperiously unto me: but still more imperiously did my WILL speak unto it,--then did it lie imploringly upon its knees--
He stopped me in the middle of the sentence, by closing his eyes, and holding up one of his white hands imploringly.
It said among other matters "Don't ask me anything" so imploringly, that I didn't ask her anything.
The face looked up at him imploringly, as he rose from wiping it, and gently replaced the coat that covered the writhing figure.
The unfortunate creature dropped upon his fore-legs directly, wagged his tail, and looked imploringly at his master.
In fact her only movements were when she dropped the bamboo, then gazed imploringly at the keeper until he gave her a fresh one.
Radnoti's speaker asks fate imploringly whether at least "one or two poems shall remain?
EXCLUSIVE BY ALLAN HALL in Kormishosh, Bulgaria, and TOM PARRY PACING up and down in a baking hot concrete pit in the scorching midday sun, brown bear Milcho gazes imploringly through the wire mesh that holds him captive.
Dzeko looked imploringly at the assistant referee to flag him offside before booting the post in frustration.
Furthermore, the ruling AKP inked deals for procuring missile systems from China despite the fact that our borders are still being protected with Patriots, which it had imploringly acquired from NATO countries.
A child shook his sleeve and looked up imploringly with huge dark eyes.
Even in one of the most sentimental of the market images, "An Old Woman Baking Pancakes With a Boy", there is a deftly constructed but ultimately inscrutable triad of gazes among the three figures that creates a strange harmony: A boy stares imploringly at an old woman, whose tired eyes seem unfocused and distant, while a cat confronts the viewer with a hungry and unpredictable look of feline mischief.