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We must join Villena in asking Duterte and all presidential candidates the impolite and stupid question about their plans for education.
Drawing on that taxonomy, Kaul de Marlangeon and Alba-Juez (2012) conducted a comparative analysis of impolite acts in English and Spanish and reached the conclusion that the categories of impolite acts included in Kaul de Marlangeon's taxonomy can also be used to describe and classify the same phenomena in English.
You're not only being impolite, you're also being a public nuisance.
By avoiding a healthy discourse on political issues, on national agenda, and instead concentrating on the subjects that are of no relevance today and then by use of impolite language, I think some people, because of their feudal mindset, are trying to be a monarch in the democracy," said Jaitley.
Can you remind yourself it's impolite to be late because just as your time is valuable other people's time is, too?
He confirmed that his ministry's teams will never tamper with the privacy of any business or commit impolite behavior while doing their job.
Qasim has a good command of English and says he occasionally reads impolite words on his clothing but that most of the writing encourages love, beauty and coexistence.
The diplomat told Sudan Tribune on the condition of anonymity, that vice-president James Wani Igga and foreign minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin were singled out from the South Sudanese delegation and made to undergo an aggressive and impolite security check on arrival to an airport in the United States from South Sudan, despite showing diplomatic passports to security operatives.
He admitted the act, arguing that she had been impolite with his father and sister, the daily said.
I started to realise that being impolite saves an awful lot of time and costs you nothing" - Jeremy Clarkson.
It said: "Crossing legs is considered to be undiplomatic and very impolite.
The meeting reviewed the Privilege motion that was filed by Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri against impolite behavior of Managing Director (MD) and General Manager of SSGC Balochistan.