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It used to seem a very impolite, not to say a rude, question, for Elisha to ask the woman, but it does not seem so to me now.
There was an impolite and sneering scepticism in his words and manner that secretly pleased most of them at the table, though it seemed to bother Bishop Morehouse.
It was sad to see him corroded with suspicion, and yet not daring to be impolite, in case these well-dressed people were honest after all.
Rather "gloomy," he was going to say, but he reflected that that would be impolite.
Such an one,' said the lama, disregarding the dogs, 'is impolite to strangers, intemperate of speech and uncharitable.
I entertain nothing but the profoundest respect for the king; and if I have been impolite, which might be excused by my long sojourn in camps and barracks, your majesty is too much above me to be offended at a word that innocently escapes from a soldier.
He went on to promise further that in case the people elected us in the upcoming 2018 general elections then the foundation stone of the cancer hospital will be laid in September 2018 so that the provision of best best medical treatment facilities to combat to a great extent fatal disease like cancer can be fulfilled ,a culture of service will be introduced in public sector hospitals to provide better healthcare service to the ailing patients and instead of any adoption of any impolite or harsh attitude the patients will be treated with love and affection and there will be no strikes or misadministration in these hospitals.
Specifically, he described a screening of the film Sheikh Jackson with the term "khara": a rather impolite way of saying crap .
The behavior, conduct and attitude of the tax officials must be friendly as the tax payers are playing important role and are not to be subjected to impolite and harsh behavior.
He said previously: "One can say that it is impolite and arrogant.
As for children talking to adults - so rude and impolite.
For the record, Villena was not impolite at all, as all eyewitness accounts point out.