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Impoliteness revisited: with special reference to dynamic and prosodic aspects.
Surely one can have recourse to impoliteness and yet be ethically responsible in Levinasian terms.
For one thing, such an MP would have known that he would pay a steep price for his impoliteness.
In addition, citizens can report on corruption and impoliteness of the staff of the Embassy.
1,047 ALLEGATIONS * 1,047 allegations made against officers in South Wales Police between 2011 and 2012 * The allegations were made by 612 individual complainants * Of the allegations, 493 related to incivility and impoliteness, neglect of duty or assaults * 320 were substantiated or resolved by the force * 661 were either withdrawn, unsubstantiated, discontinued or no further action was taken.
Being accused of impoliteness is wounding, of course, but further reflection suggested that it could have been worse.
Now that impoliteness is the norm in our social and political dialogue, itAAEs much harder to surprise and shock your audience.
The jealousy I felt toward Bernadette fermented inside, seeping out of my pores in random acts of impoliteness.
A fifth of all cases against officers were over issues of incivility and impoliteness, and 18 per cent over claims of neglect of duty, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Most allegations relate to incivility, impoliteness and intolerance (32%) - essentially allegations that officers were rude and impolite.
Supporting these needs is an act of politeness, and attacking these needs is an act of impoliteness.
But the relation between their insults of minorities (or accepting Borat's insults of minorities) and Borat's insults of them is an asymmetrical one, since (a) Borat's impoliteness is almost never explicitly aimed at them as a particular group (in fact he came to America to be taught by them), and even if it were, (b) in the context of America, white Anglo-Saxon Americans are, of course, those who are the majority, if not in demographical terms then in terms of socio-economical power, and thus any offense on the part of the cultural other is less harmful than in the reverse situation.