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While EU farm ministers in June agreed to increase an import quota on Latin American bananas by 353,000 tons a year to 2.
customs procedures for processing import transactions, shifting the focus of compliance efforts from prerelease merchandise and document examinations to postentry audits and reviews.
businesspeople who wish to import are usually either seeking to cut product or labor costs, or want to sell exotic items that aren't "made in the U.
economic growth and, to a lesser extent, somewhat higher import prices relative to the prices of domestic goods.
com/research/mlmf9p/trends_in_eu_texti) has announced the addition of Textiles Intelligence's new report "Trends in EU Textile and Clothing Imports, 2012 Edition" to their offering.
With this dominant share of the market, domestic producers have the opportunity to adjust to competition from Chinese imports even without import relief.
Five months after they nearly gave the green light to one major trash-importing project - an expansion of the El Sobrante landfill near Corona - supervisors recently asked the county trash agency to consider going without trash imports.
The more common is data exchange, or data import, in which data are moved from one program to another in a standardized format.
China boosted its import total from $375 million to $609 million, ranking second behind Taiwan as the major source of miscellaneous rubber or plastics products for the United States.
Table 23: US Metal Powder Imports by Type: Annual Import
In addition to a look at the overall forecast for casting shipments, Lessiter shared recent data and survey results on the casting import situation, which may continue to temper positive forecasts for casting demand in the years ahead.
Led by the Avocado Commission for California, where some 95 percent of the nation's crop is produced, growers charge that the import plan is a hasty effort to help Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement.