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In the petroleum group, the import bill of liquefied natural gas (LNG) surged 87.
212 million imported to fulfill the domestic requirements as compared the imports of 70,048 metric tons valuing of US$ 172.
For Pakistan Bader (2006) estimated that 37 percent of imports are value added and exported abroad.
Sheet bundles as densely as film rolls, so it ought to be efficient to import, but it hasn't been so far.
The prevailing high domestic Indian price of rubber is another factor prompting companies to increase imports.
companies would gain little if tariffs or quotas were put in place because other countries' imports would quickly fill the void.
The manual should explicitly detail the proper controls, systems and procedures for the company's import operations.
This time, she decided to import the items like a real businessperson and split the shipping costs with another vendor whose husband knew how to import.
Recent data also indicate that economic activity in the United States has picked up a bit in the early part of this year, suggesting a pace of import growth similar to that in 1995.
On yearly and monthly basis, the import of yellow metal in October 2017 also witnessed an increase of 14.