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6 supports all popular Web browsers and word processors on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux; provides full Unicode support; and offers hundreds of import filters for popular bibliographic databases and publishing styles.
Import filters for the most common digital simulators augment the digital pattern editors and extend the usefulness of this software by bridging the world of digital design and digital test.
0 now supports a wider range of import filters including Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, HTML, RTF, Text, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, dBASE, FoxPro, and Paradox.
In addition to its core structure drawing features, ChemWindow Spectroscopy offers direct import of IR, NMR, Mass spectra, and chromatograms, using import filters to support most common file formats.
Import filters paint text elements as configurable graphical elements and allow these elements to be enhanced.