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On the importable side the shares of fabricated metal products and chemicals have risen strongly with significant declines in net trade shares for finance and insurance, base metals and other manufacturing.
Domestic and world price vectors of the importable goods are represented by p[prime] = ([p[prime].
Presently edible product are importable subject to the condition that they have a remaining shelf life of at least 50% or 6 months, which ever is less.
We consider a small open economy with four sectors--the urban skilled sector (x) producing exportable, another urban skilled sector fro) producing importable, the rural unskilled sector (y) producing agricultural products and the traded final good producing unskilled informal sector (i).
It is assumed that neither the importable good nor the exportable good is an inferior good.
An alternative approach would be to model the frictions involved in moving labor and capital between the sectors that produce exportable goods and nontradable goods into the sector that produce importable goods as in Kehoe and Fernandez de Cordoba (2000).
Harvey Kail and Paula Gillespie's piece, "Peer Tutoring Theory and Practice: an Importable Model?
Many models will download to an Excel spreadsheet, which is importable into the Mac environment.
Theses items are so important for sustainable development, we know that the importable section of sustainable development is sustainable agriculture, of this process the users play an important role that indeed, they should be considered as sustainable agriculture executors [1].
To capture the idea that an economy can export skilled as well as unskilled products, (4), (5) consider a small open economy producing four goods: agricultural export good (X), importable good (Y), skilled exportable good (Z), and a nontraded good (M), which is an (intermediate) input used in the skilled export good sector.
New cars are currently freely importable in Pakistan.