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An increase of capital endowment leads to a decline in the output of both the importable and the nontradable goods, while it increases the output of the exportable goods.
If a webpage does not present the needed data in ari importable table format, hopefully another webpage will.
2) This occurs because a tariff-tax reform, for example, that leaves consumer prices unchanged improves production efficiency, by reducing the excessive production of the importable goods, and at the same time increases government revenue, by reducing the implicit production subsidies.
On the issue of tyres, the FBR stated that the tyres are importable at a protective rate of 20% and 25% customs duty (for cars and light trucks respectively), 17% Sales Tax, 5% Advance Income Tax and 1% Special Federal Excise duty.
Thus, not only commodities and economic opportunities, but also potential agricultural, biological, and ecological problems and degradations are exportable and importable in the interconnected world of the new century.
The French Export Corner, for instance, will provide a database linking the products exhibited with their export countries, a direct and quick way for American grocery buyers to locate the products they are looking for that are readily importable to the U.
The kind of business decisions you get from financial statements aren't that importable to government.
demand that Japan authorize imports of beef from cattle aged up to 30 months by softening the current rule that importable beef come from cattle aged up to 20 months.
The verb rob takes an object that can be human, or a place (house or institution) that is concrete and importable.
In trade models with two sectors, exports and imports, the export good is generally taken as the numeraire, with trade liberalization in the importable sector lowering the price of importables relative to exportables [Mayer, 1974; Neary, 1978; Panday, 2003a, b].
Harvey Kail and Paula Gillespie's piece, "Peer Tutoring Theory and Practice: an Importable Model?
Many models will download to an Excel spreadsheet, which is importable into the Mac environment.