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The relative importance for pharmaceutical preparations decreased 9.
Construction and mining equipment both showed significant relative importance increases, reflecting higher demand in commercial construction markets and advancing commodity prices in the mining sector.
The relative importance of electronic computers increased 154.
Relative Importance of selected Producer Price Index commodity indexes based on 2002 and 2007 weights, December 2011 - Continued Commodity Commodity title 2002 2007 Percent code Relative Relative change importance importance All commodities 100 100 -- Farm products 15.
The relative importance of railroad equipment increased 60.
With the Nation's health care expenditures increasing about 70 percent between 1987 and 1992, and with a steadily rising demand for exports of medical equipment, the relative importance of x-ray and electromedical equipment increased more than 52 percent during the period.
The relative importance of the finished consumer food .
By contrast, the relative importance of eggs for fresh use dropped nearly 20 percent, as lower hatchings and more uses for processed eggs reduced demand.
The December 1986 relative importance of used cars, based on the 1982-84 expenditure pattern, was less than one-third of that in the old series.
Thus, because the CPI covers only purchases by consumers, there was an approximately one-fifth reduction in the relative importance of medical care in the CPI, from 6.
The 1982-84 based relative importance of homeowners' costs was nearly one-third larger than in the old series (19.
The increased relative importance for lodging while out of town reflects a definitional change.