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Financial elements were the most important entrepreneurship factors for Mena respondents, including affordability of taxes and fees (62% said it is very important), market willingness to accept new ideas and innovations (59% said it is very important), and ease of finding finances to start a business (58% said it is very important).
H2: External factors are most important for determining the profitability of islamic and conventional banks.
About 68 percent of the participants agreed that income is important to protect, but only 28 percent identified income as something important to protect.
In China, 86% of the respondents considered family to be very important whereas 13% said it was somewhat important.
Excluding alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine, for which drugs is it most important to develop supplementary prevention materials for seventh and eighth graders?
The "fill factor" of the mixer is a very important parameter with very obvious results.
Only then are they taught to find places to weave in, not drive home, messages important to the organization's success.
But in an alarming contrast, when young employees were asked "How important do you think it is to your firm that you pass the CPA Exam and get certified?
Occasionally the commander, vice commander, or executive director will have a requirement to complete a short-term, high-priority project or to fill an important vacancy on an emergency basis while a recruiting action is under way.
It is important to focus on the camper's strengths, resources, and skills.
It is clear that uncertainty plays an important role in an individual's career decision process.

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