important feature

See: main point
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One or two very important features of it were altered, and in time effects would result from this, if opportunity offered--effects of a quite serious nature, too.
The night-school at Hampton, which started with only twelve students, now numbers between three and four hundred, and is one of the permanent and most important features of the institution.
Study Finds Less Than 15% of Teens Consider Games, Music Player, IM, Email or Video the Most Important Feature Beyond Voice
A nationwide survey conducted by the Society for Fire Protection Engineers revealed that from a list of characteristics that included comfort, fire safety, environmental friendliness and other amenities, security was chosen by Americans as the most important feature of a building.
Regarding Moriegh Wolf's disillusionment with the Peace Corps ["No Queers Need Volunteer," February 15], I think she misunderstands an important feature.
An important feature of those P01s was the emphasis on integrating basic, translational, and clinical research.
The most important feature of the modular concept is said to be its automated cleaning of the piston and bore.
Portal helped us launch Boingo rapidly and offer customers several unique pricing plans -- an important feature in the highly competitive wireless market," said Niels Jonker, vice president, engineering, Boingo Wireless.
Another important feature is the ability to do a wet core removal.
The M, which was touted as an important feature, in Ultra 160/M stood for Manageability.
Widespread and acute rural poverty remains the single most important feature of much of the developing world.
While lighting is most commonly cited as an important feature in both environments, whether people find windows important in the office depends on where they live.