important station

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There were rumors that a very important station was in jeopardy, and its chief, Mr.
This is a very important station on account of being a pass for horses; and it was, in consequence, for some time the head-quarters of a division of the army.
But one of the Company's steamers had been wrecked, and the Director was busy with the other, relieving very distant and important stations on the main river.
They have spent a lot on the car park so strategically it is an important station for commuters.
Saudi Arabia is a very important station, and still Sohail Ali Khan's replacement has not been named," said Amir Khan.
This forum is an important station in defining and educating the community about disabilities.
In a press statement, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Duaij welcomed the meeting scheduled to take place in Kuwait from 23 - 25 May for representatives of Arab news agencies, depicting it as an important station for more Arab cooperation in the field of media.
Surrounded on three sides by Syrian territory, Tfail is located East of Brital and has become a tactically important station for Hezbollah's military operations in the Qalamoun mountains.
Msheireb Station is the most important station and will be located in the heart of downtown Doha, which is currently undergoing an urban restoration project.
I urge now more than ever the election of a president, and this mass is an important station in the life of the Lebanese," said Salam.
The statement quoted al-Jubouri as saying that "the meeting was an important station on the road to gather the Arab opinions for supporting the issues of the Iraqi people and to achieve their legitimate aspirations.
We also have all the requirements that make this important event a starting point for crime prevention and criminal justice and make Doha an important station in the process", Vlassis added.