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Importantly, however, this is not an issue of global regulation.
Most importantly, each player must realize that for only 20% of the game, he will either have the ball in his hands or directly guard the ball, leaving ample opportunity for him to prove his mettle away from the ball.
Most importantly, identify and correct the ineffective persons, policies, or practices that drag you into regulatory noncompliance.
Importantly today, inflating asset markets have evolved to become the key mechanism for generating liquidity and income growth system-wide, rendering the entire financial and economic system acutely vulnerable to any diminution of credit growth.
Importantly, IFN-[beta] 1a exhibited potent antiviral activity at doses that have already been shown to have acceptable safety profiles in animals (10).
More importantly, these tools effectively bind service tiers to applications enforcing compliant service delivery.
Let's pray in the coming months that the Canadian task force and the international commission face their duties with honesty, courage and, most importantly, hearts and minds that are open to the possibility of change.
Second, in tracing this archetype through a wide array of African American and Carribean writers and texts, Rody importantly notes the unconscious but very consequential enterprise of a generation of black women writers who claim "unprecedented daughterly authority" over the history of enslavement and colonization by producing a body of fiction that works toward imaginatively transforming historical tragedy into historical triumph.
Most importantly, by the mid-1980s leading Democrats like Gary Hart and Sam Nunn were introducing some of the most innovative ideas on military reform of anyone in Congress.
Just as importantly, Fleet has avoided the major blow-ups that have plagued other high-profile bank purchasers in recent years.
The school will have several classrooms, a teachers' lounge, administration offices and, most importantly, heat and running water.
More importantly, a willingness to reach beyond politics, parochial thinking and narrowly defined departmental boundaries is the key to success.