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Sont egalement exclus du champ d'application du present communique les importations de l'Etat, des entreprises et etablissements publics et des collectivites publiques locales, l'importation des matieres premieres, des produits semi-finis, des equipements et des pieces de rechange pour le secteur agricole, le secteur du tourisme et le secteur de l'artisanat , les matieres premieres, les produits semi-finis, les equipements et pieces de rechange importes par les industriels et qui sont necessaires a leurs activites.
The inter-agency National Food Authority (NFA) Council on Monday approved the importation of 250,000 metric tons (MT) of rice.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) is not keen on authorizing any special importation of chicken, as local output remains ample to meet the expected increase in demand during the holidays.
The proposed CAO provides that de minimis importations of tobacco goods, wines and spirits shall still be subject to excise tax pursuant to the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended, Tionko said in her memorandum to the Finance Secretary recommending approval of the CAO.
Les exportations estimees a 6855,2 MD, ont baisse de 1,8% (contre une augmentation de 8,5% au cours du premier trimestre 2013) alors que les importations de l'ordre de 10 145,5 MD, ont augmente de 7,9% (+3,8% en 2013).
Comprehensive genomic sequencing provided by the global polio laboratory network (6) allows tracing of the origins of virus importations and estimation of the duration of circulation in a chain of transmission.
Current law prohibits the importation of a prescription drug by anyone other than its manufacturer.
At the same time, amounts eligible for recovery as input tax credits (ITC) on importations would be claimed in the monthly GST return.
During the eighteenth century cacao production again increased as an area of new cultivation emerged in the Tuy river valley, south and east of Caracas, with the aid of increased importations of slaves brought by the British South Sea Company (1715-1739).
If the ITC determines there is a violation, it may issue permanent limited exclusion orders and cease and desist orders to prohibit importations and sales of the infringing LEDs and products containing such LEDs.
La balance commerciale alimentaire a enregistre, durant les deux premiers mois de 2018, une amelioration remarquable, le taux de couverture des exportations par les importations ayant atteint 134,2% contre 63% durant la meme periode de 2017.
me de l'AaAaAeA@conomie nationale est liAaAaAeA@ aux importations.