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I have almost forgotten you since: other ideas have driven yours from my head; but to-night I am resolved to be at ease; to dismiss what importunes, and recall what pleases.
En effet, il ne se passe pas un jour, un week-end sans que l'on soit importune dans les quartiers, les cites populaires par ces adeptes de jeux dangereux.
Ce n'est pas la peine de te dire qu'il importune mes clients et ma quietude d'honnete commercant
14 God will revenge it, who 1 will importune Titus 4.
Mr Cripps explained that the proceedings were taken under a regulation which reads: "That no person in the area shall molest or importune any person of the opposite sex, or loiter for the purpose of importuning any such person in the area set out in the schedule.
The Un-man "fell as a pencil falls" (181), echoing the anaphoric dramatization of the fall of Spenser's dragon after Redcrosse's lance "Ran through his mouth with so importune might,/That deepe emperst his darksom hollow maw" (I.
As a result of his importune actions in the previous novel in the series, "Good As Dead," Tom Thorne finds himself demoted to uniform duties, while remaining an inspector.
Europe and America should importune Georgia not to stir anti- Russian animosities in the North Caucasus.
Perhaps of more importance, in a continent that is challenged by a shortage of costly medical resources, it seems importune to make a case for maintenance of an expensive, controversial, unproven therapy with so few indications, and to criticise an earnest and honest attempt to bring reason to the debate.
The staff will serve you cheerfully but is strictly forbidden to importune you to buy.
But just like the titles that allow you to fill them in as words if you so desire yet don't importune you to do so, many of the paintings themselves seem neither to demand nor disclaim reference.
The security forces of Assad have been able to continue importune killing safe in the knowledge that supportive Russia and China would move to nix any potential U.