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This was the most provoking thing he could have said to me, for I really wanted his further importunities, that I might be prevailed with to bring out that which indeed it was like death to me to conceal; so I answered him plainly that I could not say I was glad not to be importuned, thought I could not tell how to comply.
I had indeed a mind to see the city of Pekin, which I had heard so much of, and Father Simon importuned me daily to do it.
I immediately importuned him for material, and to my surprise (perhaps because Ruthven had told him I was a good man) Graves gave me six poems to look at.
Given the region's many and varied threats and vulnerabilities, training is fundamental to protecting against so-called "cold starts" or a loss of tactical and technical proficiency importuned by sequestration.
I was also importuned to broaden my NP endorsement to "gerontology", until I enlisted the support of my supervising consultant who sanctioned POA as a broad subspecialty of psychiatry and not as a narrow "silo".
said that the victim, who absconded from her employer and had been working illegally as a domestic help, importuned him to marry her, claiming that she was pregnant.
During her decline she opened a booth at the Gingerbread Fair, near the Place de la Bastille, which she importuned Lautrec to decorate with canvases (now in the Musee d'Orsay) of her past successes in the music-halls of Paris.
The group also successfully importuned chapter members to have their companies contribute items for inclusion in the gift bags and drawings.
In Time Importuned there is also a mournful poem addressed to "The River Ouse," in which, some years, later Virginia Woolf would in desperation drown herself.
Later on, the boy importuned his father once again and the father physically restrained him.
It is easy to understand, therefore, why, upon his arrival in Trenton (the town near the battlefield), Washington was hailed as a hero and importuned to recount the details of the near-mythic Christmas clash.