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As soon as he was brought in for importuning young boys in public toilets, the seniors would come down.
In fact -- and this may be too culturally unacceptable still for mainstream websites to report directly -- Violet, a high-achieving, well-integrated, smart character, loves Tom but continually dodges his importuning her to wed.
tat tt bll "Essentially people were importuning you at every turn to rezone this land or that.
Then again, this is also a film where, back in Asgard, Loki dismisses importuning courtiers with a curt "We're done
The third alternative is to decide for ourselves which of our preferences we like and then defend them against the importuning of those we do not.
Even more starring is the Bible's importuning of the Lord of the universe Himself, not to forget the covenant with the People of Israel.
This set her trotting around with renewed fervour, importuning every listener to carry the news close to the heart.
has the usual chain stores and the usual complement of skinny, ill-dressed women in their 20s who seem to hover around cheap Scottish shops like importuning wraiths'
Because the role of corporate director arguably bears more relation to that of public accountant than many recognize, one continues to marvel at the checklisters' importuning of directors to buy stock in the companies they oversee, even when public accountants are barred by ethical requirements from having such ownership.
Queiroz, whose chief function now seems to be to outdo his boss in the Mr Angry stakes, promptly broadened the international dispute by suggesting that the third-party importuning was "a well-designed strategy" to unsettle Portugal on the eve of the Euro 2008 tournament.
The Glock 21SF has answered two importuning voices: the collective voice of the military, those who appreciate Glock pistols, love the .
Unhappily for him, Swede locates such an origin, the "anomalous moment," when he kisses Merry's lips in response to her importuning (92).