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Bound to the soil and exposed to the importunities of nature, farmers shun radical nostrums in favor of the tried and true.
Instead Book III includes a series of representations of desire: desire as courtly dalliance at the Castle Joyeux (III I); desire as lechery in the fornication of Hellenore and Paridell (III x); desire as perversion in the importunities of the monsters Argante and Oliphant; desire as a procreative force in the Garden of Adonis (III vi); desire as infatuation in the Tapestries and the Masque of Cupid (III xi--xii).
There is some evidence that the importunities of the orange-women--"Chase some oranges, chase some numparels, chase a bill of the play" (Lamb 224)--were viewed by many playgoers as an unwelcome, distracting, side-show with the women overcharging for their wares.
Kate is chaotic, beset by the importunities of Fate, dedicated to succeed, and always cramming just too much into her day--and night.
The daily Importunities of Creditors, who become so by serving your profuse Vanities: Did I ever murmur at supplying any of your Diversions, while I believ'd 'em (as you call'd 'em) harmless?
and importunities of my thoughtless youth In perfect resignation to the Almighty's will I now make and consecrate this my last Will and Testament First I give and bequeath to my brother William Townshend of Halesowen in Shropshire my 34 lot of land in Hampshire on proviso he will come over to possess it and if not to any of my Brother's and Sister's children that will come and possess it excepting my ungrateful and treacherous brother Benjamin and his heirs to whom I bequeath one shilling only my other lands in Frederick I assign to be sold as also my books commodities and ?
Yes, government deregulation had something to do with it - at the ceaseless importunities, financial and otherwise, of, yes, the private sector.
In his discussion of trauma discourse, Hal Foster cites Kristeva on the body as primary site of the abject, which she defines as a category of (non)being, of neither subject nor object, a condition that Paul the amputee claims for himself against Costello's importunities, against her insistence on textuality.
Davis picks up similar sounds and rhythms in her second book, shattered sonnets love cards and other off and back handed importunities (2003), a volume that an Amazon.
68), Ulysses nonetheless knows his chance for heroic adventure may have passed--Columbus-like, he could be stuck at home, beset by ill health, his former supporters' irritation by his projects, and importunities to retire.
64) By 'Orphic' he means the inclination of religious minds 'to see in the significant dream evidence of the innate powers of the soul itself, which it could exercise when liberated by sleep from the gross importunities of the body.
Observation, reflection, and reason--the standard equipment of every Austen heroine--eventually bring Catherine to a pretty shrewd reading of John Thorpe's character and equip her for her truly heroic resistance against Thorpe, Isabella, and James (later echoed in Mansfield Park by Fanny's resistance to the importunities of her cousins): "'If I could not be persuaded into doing what I thought wrong, I never will be tricked into it'" (101).