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2] It cannot therefore impose a cost (except in the insignificant, and reciprocal, sense of using any resources that another person might otherwise have used).
Thus, when a non-fiduciary claim arises, such as a benefit denial, courts impose the most analogous state statute of limitations.
In defending its decision to impose restrictions, MCIE noted the World Trade Organization allows such measures to last six months initially, but permits extensions if considered necessary.
But even on issues which involve religious values (and not every political issue does), it is imperative to preserve the distinction between providing witness and offering counsel--and trying to impose one's beliefs or asserting that this or that position is the "will of God.
Under the panel findings, the EU is permitted to impose more than $4 billion a year in countervailing trade measures unless the United States acts to withdraw the measures or obtains a waiver from the EU with respect to all or certain parts of them.
The Enforcement Program Oversight Committee is recommending that the CBA pursue statutory changes that would allow it to also impose a penalty of up to $3 million dollars on firms convicted of license violations in California.
Some are predicting that the continued relevance of Section 37 of the statute, which imposes heavy reporting requirements on regulated companies that are the target of lawsuits, will be on the table.
Sarbanes-Oxley also creates protections for whistleblowers at publicly traded companies and imposes new criminal penalties relating to fraud, conspiracy, and impeding investigations.
The law imposes new restrictions on all loans made in Georgia and imposes additional restrictions on high-cost loans, including: no financing of credit insurance premiums; no refinancing of life, accident, health or loss-of-income insurance premiums; no recommending default on an existing loan; no fees for providing a payoff balance or release after refinancing, except when provided by fax or within 6o days of a previous request (in which case the lender may charge up to $10.
Only those who wish to impose their particular lifestyle on the rest of us would fear globalization and the spread of human freedom.
Moreover, the time period which elapses while the Security Council is waiting for compliance with its demands, imposes immense and prolonged suffering on the population of states under economic sanctions.