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2] It cannot therefore impose a cost (except in the insignificant, and reciprocal, sense of using any resources that another person might otherwise have used).
If there can be a "latest thing" in state and local tax, economic nexus is it--an income (or other type) tax filing requirement that a state imposes on a taxpayer that performs no solicitation, maintains no physical presence and is otherwise not "doing business" in the state.
For companies operating in high-tax jurisdictions, the provision imposes significant administrative costs with little, or no, revenue effect.
It's too late to impose a condition on a contract that is already signed, sealed, and is moving forward,'' Ledford said Friday.
Except for fiduciary breaches, ERISA does not impose a statute of limitations.
In March, the South Korean government decided to impose export restrictions on scrap iron and steel bars in a bid to cushion the shock of a growing shortage of raw materials.
Second, people of faith must not use government to (a) tell people how to live uniquely personal parts of their lives, or (b) impose values the majority cannot be persuaded to accept.
The repeal of the FSC/ETI provisions will impose a significant tax increase on those currently benefitting from the provisions, and the inclusion of replacement provisions like those under consideration, with broad transition relief of at least three years, will help to lessen the effects of such a significant tax increase.
The Enforcement Program Oversight Committee is recommending that the CBA pursue statutory changes that would allow it to also impose a penalty of up to $3 million dollars on firms convicted of license violations in California.
Some are predicting that the continued relevance of Section 37 of the statute, which imposes heavy reporting requirements on regulated companies that are the target of lawsuits, will be on the table.
When that happens, the Board can impose sanctions for violations--$1,000 for individuals and up to $2 million for corporations, per violation or occurrence.
It also grants the Florida Department of Banking and Finance the authority to promulgate rules under the Florida Fair Lending Act, as well as broad enforcement powers with the ability to impose civil penalties for violations of the act.