impose penalty

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We impose penalty because we want drivers to follow proper traffic rules to avoid accidents, he said.
KARACHI -- A team of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has recommended the government to impose penalty on K-Electric for undue loadshedding and excessive billing in Karachi.
PESHAWAR -- The competent authority in light of the recommendations of the inquiry committee has decided to impose penalty of cancellation of papers upon 18 candidates who proved guilty of adopting unfair means/bringing mobile phones into the examination halls.
The FBR has directed the Chief Commissioners to charge default surcharge and impose penalty on all such non-filers who enjoy Pakistan source dividend income and do not file statements under section 115(4) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.
He said that Iranian authorities have refused financial assistance to lay gas pipeline in Pakistan's territory, adding due to international sanctions Iranian is not authorized to impose penalty on Pakistan for not accomplishing the project in the announced time frame.
I hope officials in my ministry will apply their mind openly on every infraction and impose penalty commensurate with the nature of the fault.
Deputy District Judge Simmons said: "I must impose penalty points and six penalty points is the required number.
In its legal action, the Commission asks the court to impose penalty payments of 71,521 a day for the directive on ambient air quality and 59,834 a day for the framework directive on protection of the marine environment.
A TSS spokesman said: "We hope it will not become necessary to impose penalty charges on any estate agents for non-compliance, nonetheless we are duty bound to enforce this new law.
The Inland Revenue has been urged to "come clean" on how it intends to impose penalty provisions for its new transfer pricing proposals.
Under NAFTA each of the three countries may continue to use its anti-dumping and countervailing-duty (anti-subsidy) laws to impose penalty duties on "unfair" imports from the other two countries.
If NEC is found guilty of dumping and if that dumping causes injury to Cray, the Commerce Department can impose penalty duties equal to the difference between the sale price and the cost of production.