impose penalty

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Under NAFTA each of the three countries may continue to use its anti-dumping and countervailing-duty (anti-subsidy) laws to impose penalty duties on "unfair" imports from the other two countries.
If NEC is found guilty of dumping and if that dumping causes injury to Cray, the Commerce Department can impose penalty duties equal to the difference between the sale price and the cost of production.
And unlike other lenders, it doesn't impose penalty fees should you decide to switch to another lender.
I hope officials in my ministry will apply their mind openly on every infraction and impose penalty commensurate with the nature of the fault.
Deputy District Judge Simmons said: "I must impose penalty points and six penalty points is the required number.
A TSS spokesman said: "We hope it will not become necessary to impose penalty charges on any estate agents for non-compliance, nonetheless we are duty bound to enforce this new law.
The Inland Revenue has been urged to "come clean" on how it intends to impose penalty provisions for its new transfer pricing proposals.