impose punishment

See: inflict
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It also called for the release of their children, who were deprived of their freedom without any legal justification and disclosure of their fate, impose punishment of those responsible for this humanitarian crime in addition to forcing the violators to close informal prisons and enforce the law and international treaties with regard to restricting of freedom, detention and accountability.
The department wants to impose punishment and penalties against the identified lecturers under the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability (PEEDA) Act 2006.
Dr Qibla Ayaz, chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), said that the body has suggested that the government impose punishment on one-sided divorces.
Therefore, the court must analyze whether the VSOR requirement that Baugh challenges was intended to impose punishment or, if not, whether the statutory scheme is so punitive, either in purpose or effect, as to negate the states intention to deem it civil.
A commission will find those guilty in the failure of the Bishkek CHPP and impose punishment, Head of the Bishkek CHPP Nurlan Omurkul uulu told reporters on January 29.
To date we have tried to impose punishment with an encouragement to undertake rehab.
Meanwhile, Education Department of Mohmand Agency likely to impose punishment for those females teachers, who were not willing to participate in the anti polio campaigns in the area.
As the courts have noted, the CFMEU appears to regard financial penalties as simply a business cost like any other, and that there is plainly a need to impose punishment to deter the CFMEU and others like it from treating this country's industrial laws as little more than an annoyance.
58) The Court found, at step one, that Alaska had not intended the law to impose punishment, but rather to protect the public.
The second chapter of the law will impose punishment for alcohol consumption and whipping and amputations for thieving.
Nageswara Rao, asked the court to "decide the further course of action" because the probe committee did not have the power to impose punishment.
The Mudgal panel has made it clear that it can only report a violation of rules to the Supreme Court and does not have a mandate to impose punishment.