impose punishment

See: inflict
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Suppose two legislatures impose punishment to keep their citizens safe
The second chapter of the law will impose punishment for alcohol consumption and whipping and amputations for thieving.
Nageswara Rao, asked the court to "decide the further course of action" because the probe committee did not have the power to impose punishment.
The Mudgal panel has made it clear that it can only report a violation of rules to the Supreme Court and does not have a mandate to impose punishment.
This Essay is adapted from a panel discussion on federal police power, or the nonexistence thereof, and the relatively recent trend of enacting federal criminal statutes to impose punishment without proof of bad intent.
He said inspection teams would arrest illegal workers at their firms and impose punishment on workers and their employers.
The FIA has summoned the team to appear before an internal tribunal and could impose punishment ranging from a fine to exclusion from the championship.
But the committee refused to impose punishment while legal proceedings were pending, except to impose certain conditions.
Many sports federations are reluctant to impose punishment by expelling a team for obvious reasons: they do not want to punish individual athletes for a rule violation that is actually committed by the Iranian government, not by the athletes themselves.
A decade prior to the American Revolution, William Blackstone asserted that it was unjust to impose punishment without culpability.
Such a determination requires not only a finding that an agent has acted in a manner deserving of punishment, but also that it is proper for government officials to impose punishment upon the agent.
The Arab region should adopt strategies to impose punishment on intellectual property law violations and the promotion of forged goods, Abu-Ghazalleh said.