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According to the NAM report, "domestically imposed costs--by omission or commission of federal, state, and local governments--are damaging manufacturing more than any foreign competitor and adding at least 22.
A notice that a fee may be imposed by an automated teller machine operator as defined in section 205.
According to the Conference of Mayors study, crime in most cities with curfews went down after the ordinances were imposed.
Intermediate sanctions may be imposed on excess benefit transactions occurring on or after September 14, 1995.
On which, Assistant commissioner Liaqat Ali Kalhoor imposed Rs 48,000, Secretary Transport Authority Kashif Dogar imposed Rs 25,000, District Health Officer Dr Waseem Ramzi imposed Rs 28,500, Assistant Registrar Cooperative Malik Numan Abid imposed Rs 14,000, Naib Tehsildar Jalalpur Pirwala Iqbal Pahor imposed Rs 11,200, Assistant Director Fisheries Rao Shehar Yar imposed Rs 11,000 and the DO Industries imposed Rs 11,000 fine on the shopkeepers.
The AC Shahpur imposed Rs 19,000 fine on shopkeepers for selling items at high rates while tehsildar imposed a fine of Rs 8,100 and naib tehsildar Rs 14,000.
A net income tax is defined as any tax imposed on, or measured by, net income; see 15 USC Section 383.
The figures show the number of crimes committed in the Pacoima area that the Project Boys gang considers its turf has climbed 37 percent since a permanent injunction was imposed in October 2001.
A transaction is considered to be compliant with the arm's length principle when conditions imposed and prices paid in related-party transactions are comparable to those imposed and paid by independent enterprises in comparable circumstances.
17, 2001 and such late filing and payment will be considered due to reasonable cause so that late filing or late payment penalties will not be imposed.
TEI submits that a penalty imposed on individual employees for an improper reduction in the corporate tax liability simply misses the mark.