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We have mentioned these two, as examples only of the task which may be imposed on readers of the lowest class.
In the fourteenth verse of this discourse Nietzsche defines the solemn duty he imposed upon himself: "Become what thou art.
I modestly declared myself to be quite unequal to the task imposed upon me--and I privately felt, all the time, that I was quite clever enough to perform it, if I only gave my own abilities a fair chance.
ATTOCK -- Assistant Commissioner Attock Nazarat Ali in a move against adulteration, unhygienic environment and for selling substandard food items has sealed different bakeries and a restaurant and has imposed heavy fines on the owners.
SWAT -- District Magistrate Syed Mehmood Aslam Wazir has imposed completely ban over buying and selling of toys weapons and arms in District Swat.
What is distinctive in Lester's argument is the conception of liberty as an absence of imposed cost.
He said that Anti Narcotics Force has imposed wrapping charges of Rs.
The US Congress imposed tough new energy and financial sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.
He said the unions will continue to negotiate in hopes of forestalling imposed work rules and wages scheduled for later this week.
Having spent formative postgraduate years in Australia, where he met and was taught by both Glenn Murcott and Richard Leplastrier, Taylor wanted to create his own place of prospect and refuge; a place that would establish an imposed change of pace to his potentially hectic life, teaching and co-running a growing practice in Bath.
In addition, a new 20% underpayment penalty is imposed on taxpayers who substantially understate their tax liability, or who underpay their taxes due to negligence or disregard of Massachusetts law.
government imposed countervailing and anti-dumping duties totaling 27% on softwood lumber in May of 2002, charging that Canadian imports represented a "threat" to domestic lumbers.