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Senator Mohsin Aziz said that the FBR should inform the importers before imposing such duties so that they may prepare themselves accordingly.
This is a favorable sign, because imposing or increasing agricultural tax has always been problematic for the government because farming is the primary occupation of a majority of the population and feudal lords have always been a hurdle in the imposition of agricultural tax.
A The company was fined BGN 23 377 600 for abuse of dominant position by imposing dishonest commercial practices.
The topic here is interpersonal liberty: the absence of initiated constraints on people by other people; or, more precisely, people interacting voluntarily without constraining, interfering with, or imposing upon each other--except to prevent or redress initiated constraining, interfering or imposing (2012, 58).
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The US by imposing unilateral financial sanctions against Iran deprived the American companies of the interests and advantages they could gain from cooperation with Iran, a senior Iranian legislator said.
A classic important example of Wilson's Rule is the fight over the use of credit scores, education, occupation and territory to set auto insurance premiums, which masks the fact that the beneficiaries of regulations against the use of these and other rating factors are a small group imposing a small tax on a far larger majority.
Rushing to impose hard and fast solutions is misguided, and if time permits, imposing a change of pace to the design process can reap long term rewards that have a more harmonious relationship with their locale.
The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday said it would start imposing its contract proposal on air traffic controllers.
to be imposing countervailing duties on Canadian lumber shipments into the American marketplace," said David Pressly, president of the National Association of Home Builders and a home builder from Statesville, N.
86-272 to prevent a state from imposing a tax on interstate commerce generated by an out-of-state corporation, unless minimum standards of business activity were present.
During discussions Monday on the city budget, council members said they planned to reach out to the community before considering imposing a new fee.
Reserve the right to terminate the plan without imposing conditions or equivocations.