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The care that is taken under such a model is the resuhjective evaluation of the inherited regimes of discourse and power that imposingly and abusively govern our daily lives.
The survey behind the study, an imposingly detailed 11-page questionnaire sent to more than 5,500 U.
There was only once when I happened to visit the ADJD premises 15 years ago to file some kind of application, and even then, I had found the building imposingly beautiful," he added.
The ancient building, which sits imposingly on a hill, has no roof.
We stopped at the town of Melk for a visit around the abbey which was perched imposingly high above the river and designed as a retreat for the Benedictine monks.
This chronograph features an imposingly sized black PVD-treated titanium case and parts made from racecar materials.
The scale of the work hearkened back to a piece Wedel completed while a graduate student in California: Child, a 16-foot high figurative sculpture that he installed in the fall of 2007 outdoors in the garden of the Museum of Art in Long Beach and which, according to media reports of the time, greatly upset the neighbours who, for six months, encountered its bright yellow form looming imposingly into their sightlines.
One, imposingly named ' The Ballad of the Titanic' by Swarna Chitrakar is inspired by the James Cameron blockbuster.
The setting is superb, with a castle keep standing imposingly over a town which nestles in a bay.
Of these, the Bauhaus group has become the most famous, and so people have come to associate the school with strident manifestos, sweeping denunciations, and crackpot theories that, imposingly manifested through modernist architecture, littered the land with ugly buildings and furnishings that more often than not had nothing to do with the originally stated, anti-bourgeois purpose.
More imposingly, the key couplet which rhymes spires / desires works equally on both levels.
The bright orange U-Haul before the neighboring garage stood imposingly as the wind forced its door to clang in metallic grunts.