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This chronograph features an imposingly sized black PVD-treated titanium case and parts made from racecar materials.
Beyond rises an awesome panorama of medieval stone fortifications fronted by massive gates, often described as the most imposingly city site in Europe.
One, imposingly named ' The Ballad of the Titanic' by Swarna Chitrakar is inspired by the James Cameron blockbuster.
The setting is superb, with a castle keep standing imposingly over a town which nestles in a bay.
On the left bank of the river lies Lesser Town (Mala Strana), which the majestic Prague Palace, the largest ancient castle in the world, imposingly looks down on from atop its hill in neighbouring Hradcany.
Poised imposingly on the King's Waterfront next to Albert Dock, Wilkinson Eyre's new Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) is a major element, in both the physical warp and economic weft of Liverpool's ongoing regeneration.
Instead of Justice, I was pitted against the actually more imposingly named Crush, a Muay Thai boxer and a mixed martial arts fighter with an undefeated record.
His vulnerability was accentuated by the contrast between his leanness and Graham Abbey's imposingly muscular Aufidius.
Few scholars preside so imposingly over eighteenth-century studies as Howard D.
The paper galleys clock in at four pounds and the title is imposingly simple: The Cold War.
These labels, both monolithic and imposingly broad, suggest an enforced segregation of aspects that would generally be expected to be inextricably intertwined.