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The LCCI President mentioned that a number of trade and industrial associations have approached the LCCI and informed that imposition of tax on all banking transactions has caused unrest and put the interests of business community on stake.
Also, the business community of Islamabad announced shutter-down strike on August 3, 2015 against imposition of 0.
Rabbani said the changes in the laws will have to make through legislation, urging the government to withdraw the imposition of GST.
Meanwhile, Abdulhamid Al-Amri, a member of Saudi Economic Association (SEA) and a well-known economic expert, said the imposition of fees on vacant lands will eradicate monopoly over these lands, in addition to luring investors to enter in the area and creating more jobs to community members.
Among the new features built into Apogee is Agfa Graphics unique web printing imposition software.
8(e) of the royal charter byelaws and regulations, the committee invited Ambler to consent to the imposition of the sanction of a reprimand by way of consent order without further proceedings, to which he agreed.
In addition to the standard N-UP imposition, in which pages are imposed side by side to a sheet in the order from the PDF source, it allows many other variations.
The imposition of service tax is a bid to overburden the common man who is already reeling under the skyrocketing price rise of petrol, LPG and commodities.
His analogy comparing the imposition of algebra with the imposition of Welsh seems a ludicrous and desperate attempt to justify his anti-English sentiments borne out with his comment about the dubious imposition of the English language which was many years ago.
Prior to the imposition of these duties, the United States was the largest exporter of broiler products to China.
Parliament's approval is mandatory after the imposition of President's rule in any state, which is valid for six months from the day the state is brought under President's rule.
He was of the view that Withholding Tax on stock exchanges should have been removed after the imposition of FED.