impossible task

See: impasse
References in classic literature ?
So overpowering did he feel it that he tried even to open the window, but found it an impossible task.
at which a shudder passed through David as if he feared that he had set himself an impossible task.
If he asked her to deliver a Latin oration, it would not have seemed a more impossible task to bashful Beth, but there was no place to run to, no Jo to hide behind now, and the poor boy looked so wistfully at her that she bravely resolved to try.
SPAIN: Coach Vicente Del Bosque admits he was left with a virtually impossible task to find a place in his provisional Confederations Cup squad for all the players who deserved to be called up.
Doesn't NHS Wales realise that in order for people in the Upper Rhondda Fawr to get the swiftest treatment in an emergency they would have to be transported across mountain tops - a daunting if not impossible task during the winter months.
Richard Leman, the head of British hockey, had faced an almost impossible task against Lord Coe after the success of the Olympic Games.
DEAD SEA, October 23, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Libyas interim prime minister Mahmud Jibril warned on Saturday that rebuilding his war-battered country would amount to a Mission Impossible task.
Bedworth secretary Graham Bloxham said: "The referee did his best to get the game finished but in the end itwas an impossible task.
It leaves Rhyl facing an almost impossible task to knock out the Serbian champions, even with home advantage in the first leg.
Finally giving up on this impossible task, the bear collects the leaves and uses them to make him self a bed in which he soon falls asleep for his winter hibernation.
The handicapper was mighty harsh after last year's victory and subsequently Almire Du Lia has had an impossible task in chases off an official rating of 104.
Lloyd, who was left with an impossible task following the withdrawal of British number one Andy Murray, said: "It doesn't look good, but considering who we played, where we played and the circumstances, I've learned a lot about the players who played.