impossible to alter

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By the way, it is often impossible to alter the position of some European scopes.
The WORMdisk(TM) is the only HDD of its type available that makes it impossible to alter, modify, edit, re-format or delete data on the disk, the master boot sector, or the on-board technology that controls the disk , regardless of computer operating system or access permissions.
The system makes it nearly impossible to alter or forge checks from participating companies.
Calderwood then said he would have found it impossible to alter his status from interim manager to full-time boss because Killie's budget would have been too low for him to make a proper go of it.
Listed buildings are often impossible to alter because of the level of protection.
The introduction of compulsory microchipping would enable lost or straying dogs to be reunited promptly with their owners, meaning fewer dogs are put to sleep at council pounds, as well as permanently identify a dog in such a way that is virtually impossible to alter or remove.
But Lodestar's interpretation of by Catherine Jones dropped into the middle of a situation they struggle to comprehend, their destiny seemingly predetermined and impossible to alter.
Worst of all, it will be difficult if not impossible to alter the impression left by the movie's ending and to finish the trilogy with any resemblance to the original text.
Poverty, gender inequality, illiteracy, and poor health are so interconnected that it is impossible to alter one without the others.
The body wanted to give it top listed status, making it virtually impossible to alter but instead agreed that an architect specialising in modern listed buildings could carry out the refurbishment.
Under EU and UK law, no VAT is due on the sale of houses and it would be politically foolhardy and almost impossible to alter this.
Since January 1, the euro price will have gone up as sterling weakened against the single currency but obviously it is impossible to alter the price of the paper every day to account for currency fluctuations.