impossible to calculate

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The effects of which movement it is impossible to calculate.
Because such a declaration as Clennam's, made at such a time, would certainly draw down upon him a storm of animosity, rendering it impossible to calculate on forbearance in the creditors, or on unanimity among them; and exposing him a solitary target to a straggling cross- fire, which might bring him down from half-a-dozen quarters at once.
While it is impossible to calculate the full impact, it is beyond question that financial assets have been buoyed by central bank liquidity since 2009.
Secondly, it is impossible to calculate the so-called proportions (one human action has multivaried consequences), to say nothing of whose benefit is being calculated (one's luck is another man's misfortune).
The financial consequences of losing its richest province are impossible to calculate, which is why Madrid is determined to stop it.
Between 10,000 and 25,000 remained as of August; exact figures are impossible to calculate.
He said: "Ford is right that the very latest internal combustion engines are miles cleaner than their predecessors, but without knowing where, when and how far the scrapped vehicles have been driven, it is impossible to calculate the scheme's positive impact on air quality in those very specific urban areas when the problem is at its worst.
Their true value is impossible to calculate by ratio so they're paid the market rate for high-profile "talent".
It's impossible to calculate McGregor's exact net worth, but it's almost certainly well north of $2.
The amount of debt, local and international, is near impossible to calculate.
It would be impossible to calculate the value that Ted Germroth has contributed to Eastman, because he has been a vital part of so many successful and innovative projects throughout his career, said Steve Crawford, Eastman senior vice president and chief technology officer.
It's impossible to calculate how many thousands--make that millions--of gamebirds have been taken over the years with Remington shotguns, but the one that stands out most vividly in my mind is the 16-gauge 870 Wingmaster owned by my uncle, Delbert Clark.