impossible to describe

See: ineffable
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It is impossible to describe it, you must picture it to yourself.
It is impossible to describe the effect produced by the last words of the honorable president-- the cries, the shouts, the succession of roars, hurrahs, and all the varied vociferations which the American language is capable of supplying.
She moved towards him with her hands extended, and had just seized him when the catch of the locked box--due to some movement from within-- flew open, and the king-cobra-killer flew at her with a venomous fury impossible to describe.
What she suffered through the long hours it would be impossible to describe.
They had seen me cut the cables, and thought my design was only to let the ships run adrift or fall foul on each other: but when they perceived the whole fleet moving in order, and saw me pulling at the end, they set up such a scream of grief and despair as it is almost impossible to describe or conceive.
I FIND it impossible to describe my sensations while the carriage was taking me to Major Fitz-David's house.
Her simple artless behaviour, and modest kindness of demeanour, won all their unsophisticated hearts; all which simplicity and sweetness are quite impossible to describe in print.
That I love so much, and never can help thinking of,' and it is impossible to describe the use he made of his eyes when he said this--'do--for my sake, do.
Afterwards, when he tried to do so, Aynesworth found it impossible to describe the expression which flitted across her face.
From the time when she had accidentally looked toward the red-brick house, something in her manner which it is quite impossible to describe, had suggested to my mind that this obstacle was not only something she could not mention, but something that she was partly ashamed of, partly afraid of, and partly doubtful about.
That night a thoroughly happy, completely tired-out Anne returned to Green Gables in a state of beatification impossible to describe.
They looked neither older nor younger now; the beards of the aged were no whiter, nor could the creeping babe of yesterday walk on his feet to-day; it was impossible to describe in what respect they differed from the individuals on whom he had so recently bestowed a parting glance; and yet the minister's deepest sense seemed to inform him of their mutability.