impossible to reach

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Crooks and his companions had been completely disheartened by this retrograde march through a bleak and barren country; and had found, computing from their progress and the accumulating difficulties besetting every step, that it would be impossible to reach Henry's Fort and return to the main body in the course of the winter.
When he saw that it was impossible to reach her, he was greatly grieved, and said to himself, 'I will remain here and wait for her,' so he built himself a little hut, and there he sat and watched for a whole year, and every day he saw the king's daughter driving round her castle, but still was unable to get nearer to her.
Several times it approached within some few yards, and the Canadian was ready to strike, but the dugong made off with a sudden plunge, and it was impossible to reach it.
A dreadful storm came on, in which he lost his way, and before he could get on to the right road night came on, and it was impossible to reach the town that evening.
No drive is too long or difficult for the horses if I want to take it, no place impossible to reach if I want to go to it, no weather or roads too bad to prevent my going out if I wish to: to all my suggestions he responds with the readiest cheerfulness, and smoothes away all objections raised by the Man of Wrath, who rewards his alacrity in doing my pleasure by speaking of him as an alter Esel.
The Prime Minister has been forced to admit he will not be able to get a deal at this month's summit of EU leaders in Brussels, as he had previously hoped, as the scale of his demands meant it was impossible to reach an agreement "in one go".
Both are concerned that several Elite League clubs will find it virtually impossible to reach anywhere near the 40.
Meanwhile, The Russian Foreign Ministry called for unifying the international efforts through a unified front to combat ISIS, affirming that it is impossible to reach an outcome without the participation of Syria.
Dr Munitta Muthana of Sheffield University said: "Our results suggest it is possible to use a standard MRI scanner to deliver cellbased therapies to tumours which would be impossible to reach by injection.
Immediately after the attack the mobile phone network in Bardhere was cut off, making it impossible to reach Shebab commanders for comment.
Locals in Chukova Mahala, who are mostly elderly people, say they find it impossible to reach the single bakery in Tetovo, a village near Ruse, because it would take too long to walk there.
Earlier in the week, The Five's fans urged X Factor judge Donia Samir Ghanem to do something about the band's voting lines, which they said were impossible to reach .